Welcome To Shear Existence Sanctuary

Shear Existence Sanctuary is a small not for profit refuge and registered charity located in North East Victoria, providing a safe haven to formerly farmed animals who have suffered through illness, neglect and abandonment.

Our Mission

We strongly believe that all lives are precious, priceless and that someone's worth should never be measured by dollar signs assigned to their life.  Our mission is to do all we can to provide a life worth living to the individuals that cross our path, to share their individual stories and fiercely advocate for a kinder world for everyone regardless of species.

Permanent Residents
Lives Saved
Years Rescuing



Providing a pathway to a life of safety, loving care and respect for formerly farmed animals.


Dedicated Individual attention, medical aid and rehabilitation for those entering our care with physical or psychological trauma, illness and ailments.


Animals are their own best advocates, We add our voice to theirs in championing a humane and compassionate world for all

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Meet Our Residents


At 13 years of age Nanna got herself into a little (a lot) of trouble. Residing next to a popular caravan park as a herd-less Goat, she kept breaking in and eating everything in her path, evidenced by her very chubby belly! Tensions overflowed when she couldn’t resist a park residents prized and sentimental roses…


Forests tenacious spirit has seen him survive through unrelenting adversity as a young Lamb. Born with severely contracted tendons in both of his front legs, miraculously he was able to survive for 10 weeks in the paddock despite the difficulties he would have faced keeping pace with his mother. He arrived into care and immediately…


Pilot the American Staffy lived with us long before Shear Existence was even a dream, but we feel it’s important to include his story. Mr Stinky (one of many nicknames) has been a part of our family for from 2 years old. In a previous life, Pilot was used for breeding, he shows signs of…