Are you ready to contribute to a kinder world for animals but have no idea where to start? In a society where so much cruelty and suffering is hidden well out of sight, it can be hard to know what changes to make and how to go about them.

Below are but just a few of the many wonderful organisations with resources that may help!

Animals Australia

Visit the Animals Australia Website to learn more about the plight and suffering of animals, and discover what you can do to help. From changing what you consume, signing petitions or joining one of their campaigns, Animals Australia can help you make a difference

Vegan Easy

Ready to create a kinder world by adopting a plant based diet? No idea where to start or what to eat? Maybe you are already plant based and need some fresh recipe inspiration? Head to Vegan Easy for a comprehensive collection of food inspiration, or sign up for their supportive 30 day challenge.

Fussy Vegan

The supermarket can be an overwhelming place to navigate when switching to a plant based diet. Hidden ingredients, thousands of products with new ones coming out all the time, it's a lot! Fussy Vegan has an amazing barcode scanning function with an extensive database and a search function. Each product includes ingredients, allergens, cruelty free status and other ethical considerations where relevant. Head to their facebook page for informative posts and details about downloading their app

Happy Cow

Want to treat yourself to a meal out and need to track down plant based options? Happy Cow has an impressive world wide directory covering pubs, restaurants, cafes and more. Know a plant based option that isn’t included? Be sure to add it in, and don’t forget to leave a nice review for the places you love most.

Dominion Documentary

Ready to learn more about what happens to farmed animals who aren't rescued? So much takes place behind closed doors. The Australian footage captured for Dominion shines light on the dark truth of the everyday standards and practices used in modern day agriculture. Watch for free here.