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Shear Existence Sanctuary

Shear Existence Sanctuary is a not for profit refuge and registered charity located in North East Victoria, providing a safe haven to formerly farmed animals who have suffered through illness, neglect and abandonment.

Our Mission

We strongly believe that all lives are precious, priceless and that someone's worth should never be measured by dollar signs assigned to their life. Our mission is to do all we can to provide a life worth living to the individuals that cross our path, to share their individual stories and fiercely advocate for a kinder world for everyone regardless of species.

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How do we create a kinder world for farmed animals?



Providing a pathway to a life of safety, loving care and respect for formerly farmed animals.


Dedicated Individual attention, medical aid and rehabilitation for those entering our care with physical or psychological trauma, illness and ailments.


Animals are their own best advocates, We add our voice to theirs in championing a humane and compassionate world for all

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Salazar, Regulus, Fenrir & Grindelwald

Salazar, Regulus, Fenrir and Grindelwald arrived at the Sanctuary as a wee chicks. Intended for human consumption but finding their way into loving hands, they are amongst the most personality packed individuals we have ever met. Being bred to grow as big and as quickly as possible, Broad breasted Turkeys usually reach their ‘slaughter age’ while they are still 10-17 week old babies. Despite arriving as tiny chicks, the boys had already experienced the industry standard practices of debeaking and having the ends of their toes removed in order to stop their claws growing. The purpose of these painful procedures is to prevent any negative impacts to the quality of their flesh from the peck wounds, ultimately decreasing the farms profits. Increased levels of agitation and aggression can understandably occur in such an unnatural environment devoid of any enrichment, stimuli or the possibility of establishing a pecking order. Thankfully the 4 lads have grown into big, bold and confident guys despite their trauma and ordeal. Salazar is accepted leader most of the time, although all 4 come in equal first place as the most boisterous residents here at the sanctuary, always keeping us on our toes. They are among the...
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Cashew, Sugar and the Quail crew

The plight of intensively factory farmed Quail flies so far under the radar that most have not come to know of their dire circumstances. Shear Existence is home to 15 curious and tenacious little survivors. Quail in factory farms are bred and hatched in incubators by the thousands for their meat and eggs, and are forced to exist in deplorable conditions. The Quail born on these facilities are housed in wire cages along with 50 of their peers. Their feet and toes are often broken, they are deprived of any kind of natural ecosystem, living conditions or the opportunity for them to form their complex social dynamics, a stark contrast to their free living cousins. In the name of a gourmet meal, these wonderful creatures are forced to survive a life devoid of any joy or hope. Once rescued, nearly all of the Quail have health obstacles to overcome. From being completely bald, harbouring injuries, especially with their legs and feet along with respiratory infections and emotional trauma, the survivors have an uphill battle before they can fully embrace their new lives The joy in watching these incredible little birds come out of their shell is a true pleasure. The...
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A late night call during the height of lockdowns saw us scrambling for permits and making a midnight run over the border to bring boisterous Benny into care. After being raised as an only sheep with his doggo pals as companions, the ordeal of change and transport was extremely stressful for our new friend. Benny went through intense separation anxiety and confusion over the first days of his new life, he didn’t know who we were or if he could trust us. He was terrified of other Sheep and the human had to roll out his swag and sleep in Benny's pen for his first night at the sanctuary. With time, love, patience and extra yummy treats we were able to win his affections in the end. Those of you who have followed along with the Sanctuaries journey for a while may remember that very quickly after arriving into care, Benny started showing signs of discomfort, lethargy and illness. Upon discovering blood in his urine an urgent vet call was our top priority. After a long list of tests and investigations by the wonderful Wangaratta Veterinary Clinic, it was discovered that Benny was experiencing copper toxicity (excess copper in his...
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