Salazar, Regulus, Fenrir & Grindelwald


Salazar, Regulus, Fenrir and Grindelwald arrived at the Sanctuary as a wee chicks. Intended for human consumption but finding their way into loving hands, they are amongst the most personality packed individuals we have ever met. Being bred to grow as big and as quickly as possible, Broad breasted Turkeys usually reach their ‘slaughter age’ while they are still 10-17 week old babies. Despite arriving as tiny chicks, the boys had already experienced the industry standard practices of debeaking and having the ends of their toes removed in order to stop their claws growing. The purpose of these painful procedures is to prevent any negative impacts to the quality of their flesh from the peck wounds, ultimately decreasing the farms profits. Increased levels of agitation and aggression can understandably occur in such an unnatural environment devoid of any enrichment, stimuli or the possibility of establishing a pecking order.

Thankfully the 4 lads have grown into big, bold and confident guys despite their trauma and ordeal. Salazar is accepted leader most of the time, although all 4 come in equal first place as the most boisterous residents here at the sanctuary, always keeping us on our toes. They are among the most curious individuals we have ever met. The lads enjoy donating their time and energy to inspecting all happenings at the sanctuary, anytime, anywhere and take great pleasure in pecking any exposed fingers in the process. They love exploring, anything shiny and are always on for a chat. There is never a dull moment when you make friends with Turkeys




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