Bok Choy & Cookie


These two cuties both found themselves at the local pound looking for a home, Bok Choy was found hopping around a residential area alone and Cookie was a victim/survivor of backyard breeding. The little love buns weren’t always the tight knit duo they came to be. Did you know there is a bonding process when introducing rabbits? It was quite the interesting process which resulted in Cookie taking a chunk from Bok Choy’s nose, but love won out in the end and they became intensely devoted to each other.

Bok Choy was the more bold and confident of the pair, he hopped on our knees, attempted to fight other creatures through his enclosure and thoroughly enjoyed busying himself with digging enormous tunnel systems. Cookie was shy and traumatised but bravely came out of her shell and began to trust. She loved kicking back and relaxing , snuggling with Bok Choy and her evening snacks delivery.

Sometimes we have to make decisions we could never want to and lay our pals to rest. There are fates worse than death and the suffering that comes along with Myxomatosis is one of them. Unfortunately both Bok Choy and Cookie contacted the virus and became unwell.
Myxo is a vile and barbaric disease humans introduced to Australia with hopes of destroying the population of European rabbits and it is NASTY with almost a 100% mortality rate even with treatment!
Heartbreakingly, there is a vaccine available, however it is not legal in Australia as some fear it may increase immunity in wild bunnies. Wild bunnies do not have someone to provide euthanasia and suffer the long and horrible death that this virus inflicts.

Solving a human caused issue by engaging in the infliction of extreme suffering on animals is all too common, we need to do better and we certainly need the Myxomatosis vaccine to be made legal in Australia so we can provide our companion bunnies the protection they deserve.
We miss these two buns deeply and think of them often. We imagine their love for each other still burning strong over the rainbow.


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