Regina, Gretchen, Amelia, Flyza Minnelli, Flea, Joelene, Siena, Cheeky, Merida


Each and every Hen is strikingly unique and individual, we have never met 2 quite the same. They have different personalities, dispositions, likes and dislikes. They naturally have emotionally rich lives and complex social structures within their family flocks. It’s heart breaking to know that despite their undeniable zest for life, Chickens are still subjected to the cruel intensive practice of Battery Cage farming in order to exploit the ladies for their eggs.

Shear Existence is home to 9 beauties who were rescued from such a place, all of which spent the first 18 months of their lives trapped in a wire cage with several of her sisters living in dirty, dank, dark and deplorable sheds housing hundreds of thousands of hens. Amelia, Gretchen, Regina, Cheeky, Merida, Flea, Flyza Minnelli, Siena and Jolene all spend their days free and happy. They now have a healthy flock dynamic and embrace living a natural life.

Unfortunately due to the selective over breeding imposed on them, not only are they forced to lay an egg most days, their reproductive systems are also prone to illness and disease. The ladies will always be treated with kindness, love and respect. Everyday they receive nourishing and interesting meals after a hard days fossicking because they are worthy and deserving of this and so much more. Oh and these days they get to eat their own eggs!




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A flock where no 2 ladies are the same

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