If you follow us on social media, you will know that one of our precious big Turkey boys ‘Fenrir’ is unwell and currently fighting for his life. On Sunday morning Fen barged out of bed like nobody's business with his 2 brothers ready to seize the day, he had a lovely morning sun basking a fossicking for bugs. By early evening when we returned to serve dinner and tuck our resident Slytherins into bed (Harry Potter fans will get it), we discovered Fenrir in their house, laying down and resting his severely swallowe neck on the perch, he was in a bad way and we instantly knew he was in trouble.

We tucked Fenrir into the sick bay with pain medication on board and set him up with a comfy pillow to support his head, the following morning we whisked him straight to the vets. X-rays squashed our biggest fear, that he had somehow met with misadventure and broken or dislocated his neck, with no fractures or current dislocations being evident.

Fenrir was sent home with very strong pain medication to keep him comfortable and afford him a chance to fight for his life. On Tuesday he seemed much brighter and stronger. Although his appetite still hadn’t returned and full nursing and feeding assistance was required, he showed promising signs of the innate curiosity that exudes from all Turkeys as we watched him perk up, observing his surroundings and enjoying his increased strength. Sadly our growing hopes faded as we greeted Fenrir this morning (Wednesday), he had headed down hill, appearing flat and lackluster.

Fenrir has now been hospitised on IV fluids to give him the best chance of recovery. He has a very guarded prognosis and an enormous battle if he is to rejoin his 2 brothers in terrorising the rest of the Sanctuary residents again, as they so often enjoyed doing, we don’t call them the Slytherin’s for nothing!

Birds of all species often have their lives under valued or simply not valued at all. Given Fenrir was born on a factory farm and intended for human consumption, he has already suffered more than his fair share. Our feathered friends deserve every effort and opportunity to fight for their life and it will always be our philosophy to afford equal chance to all the residents we have promised safe haven to regardless of species or how society views them.

To do this we need your help!!! Fenrir’s medical costs are already well over $1000 and with several nights of hospitilisation on the cards, this will grow exponentially. Please help us to help Fenrir by donating to his care and/or sharing his fundraiser.

Many thanks and heartfelt gratitude,

Angie, Jem and Fen xx