Teddy and Blue


In 2020 we partnered with our friends at Free Spirits Farm Sanctuary taking into care 20 day old male kids born in the Dairy industry. One of the most intense rescues we have undertaken, the babies arrived sick, many of them severely so and sadly many were so unwell that despite our Vets throwing everything possible at their recovery, a few lost their lives. In the Dairy industry, males are considered wastage due to their inability to produce milk, they are frequently killed on the day of their birth.

Teddy and Blueberry were 2 of the 20 rescued boys cared for by both Sanctuaries, most went off into the world after finding their new loving forever homes but Teddy and Blue wiggled their way into our hearts and here they stayed. Bonded like brothers, at each and every stage of their lives they have spent their days together. Blueberry is the Cheekier of the two, often stirring up the other goats for a laugh, while Teddy is so sweet he was named after the most cuddly creature ever, the Teddy Bear.

From illness to health, the boys have grown into strong healthy adults who still enjoy each other’s company immensely. They are super affectionate lads who adore human company. Knowing these boys today, it’s hard to fathom that hundreds of thousands of baby boys, just as unique and exquisite as them, that lose their lives each and every year when before they have barely even begun. We feel so lucky to call Blueberry and Teddy family. They live as very important members of the Goat herd and always will.








There is no buddy like a brother

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