Cashew, Sugar and the Quail crew


The plight of intensively factory farmed Quail flies so far under the radar that most have not come to know of their dire circumstances. Shear Existence is home to 15 curious and tenacious little survivors.

Quail in factory farms are bred and hatched in incubators by the thousands for their meat and eggs, and are forced to exist in deplorable conditions. The Quail born on these facilities are housed in wire cages along with 50 of their peers. Their feet and toes are often broken, they are deprived of any kind of natural ecosystem, living conditions or the opportunity for them to form their complex social dynamics, a stark contrast to their free living cousins. In the name of a gourmet meal, these wonderful creatures are forced to survive a life devoid of any joy or hope.

Once rescued, nearly all of the Quail have health obstacles to overcome. From being completely bald, harbouring injuries, especially with their legs and feet along with respiratory infections and emotional trauma, the survivors have an uphill battle before they can fully embrace their new lives

The joy in watching these incredible little birds come out of their shell is a true pleasure. The sun on their bodies, that first dust bath and the room to move overcomes them and we witness these sweet birds in a state of complete bliss. Quail are busy and curious. They have favourite spots and best friends. They excitedly jump and flap around when food arrives. To think they are so full of life and wonder but loose the opportunity to live the life they so deserve at the hands of intensive farming practices is so very heart breaking.

We feel very privileged to share a life with just a few of these very unique and special birds.




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A curious and busy little family

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