Forests tenacious spirit has seen him survive through unrelenting adversity as a young Lamb. Born with severely contracted tendons in both of his front legs, miraculously he was able to survive for 10 weeks in the paddock despite the difficulties he would have faced keeping pace with his mother.

He arrived into care and immediately captured our hearts as we watched him navigate his new surroundings with curiosity while feasting on fresh green grass. Despite his inner strength, Forest was very underweight for his age and blood tests indicated he had some concerning issues taking place internally all of which was likely a result of inadequate nutrition and his inability to obtain enough milk from his Mother. Despite his obstacles, Forest taught himself to eat plenty of hard food from a very early age, he fought to survive! For a little while we weren’t sure if Forest would lead a long life, but as the weeks went on and he enjoyed lots of highly nutritious food, vitamins and support, his tiny body grew and his health improved.

Today Forest is a healthy and happy guy who does not let his disability stop him living a full life and enjoying all the things an able bodied Sheep does. He runs, plays, headbutts and instigates battles with his flock mates. Nicknamed the little tractor for his approach to dealing with obstacles in his path when on a mission, laughter often ensues when he bows his head and storms through congregating chickens to make it hastily to his destination. Forest resides in our Special needs paddock and is often found chilling out with his pal Obi.








A tough little tractor

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