Fern and Neo


If anyone has demonstrated to us the undeniable parental bonds that exist between animal families, even long after infancy, it’s Fern and her son Neo
Fern found herself displaced and impounded during the 2020 Bushfires.. The typical process for farmed animals at this facility was being followed when Fern was advertised for sale via tender, sold to the person who lodged the highest bid. A concerned citizen noticed her plight and knowing the danger her future held, secured her safety. Fern arrived at the sanctuary sporting a very uneven udder and still lactating, adding further evidence to the reports from the pound that she was in fact used by humans for her milk.

Little did we know at the time, but in fact 2 lives were saved that day. Neo was born at the Sanctuary 8 and a half months after his mother joined the family. We awoke one morning to a proud Fern doting on her son after safely delivering him by herself overnight. Fern has spent her life having her babies removed soon after birth, that will never be the case again, Fern and Neo will remain together all of their natural lives.

Years later Fern and Neo are still inseparable. Neo can often be seen grooming his mother and follows her wherever she goes. Fern is still a loving mother and likes her Son close by. Many in the industry say dairy cows aren’t maternal, a convenient untruth, they are deeply devoted to their babies. These days Fern and Neo live alongside fellow Dairy survivor Moose. Neo and Moose love to play while Fern exudes an air of matriarchal calmness and isn’t afraid to let the boys know who is boss when needed.






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A magical matriach and a sweet Mumma's boy

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