Pilot the American Staffy lived with us long before Shear Existence was even a dream, but we feel it’s important to include his story.

Mr Stinky (one of many nicknames) has been a part of our family for from 2 years old. In a previous life, Pilot was used for breeding, he shows signs of the trauma and abuse he experienced in that life everyday while still remaining the best spoon buddy one could hope for. Pilot’s previous living quarters were down the side of a house on concrete, with no adequate shelter to escape the rain or heat, and nothing but an old couch to rest on. He received little to no training or exposure to the world and was only brought out from his horrible little pen for mating purposes.

These days he is a couch potato who takes up our whole bed every night. He loves going for walks and drives followed by long naps and a snack. He is a mega drool monster and we definitely aren’t allowed to eat anything without sharing. Pilot is entering his senior years but that hasn’t stopped his Am Staff cheekiness from keeping us on our toes and filling up our hearts. He has the most beautiful big Staffy smile and a chonky body that begs to be snuggled.

Bully breeds are the most stigmatised, abandoned, abused and neglected doggos. The number that have their lives ended at pounds due to lack of safe homes is overwhelmingly distressing, yet there are still breeders in operation and adds displaying ‘Staffy pups for sale’ every day in every town.

They are beautiful dogs, please consider adopting a Staffy and save a life, you will be thanked everyday with a big Staffy smile too.




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