Bam Bam


Majestic, masculine and if we are honest, pretty damn feisty, Bambam hatched in an incubator and missed out on having the safety and comfort of his mother. At 10 days old he was sold as a hen at the local rotary market by a small scale chicken and free range egg farmer. A couple of months past and it became clear that they had a little roo on their hands so Bambam was set to be returned to the farm without them knowing the consequences. No matter the farm size, half the chicks that hatch are male and they simply do not have a profitable use so are most often swiftly killed.

Bambam is the epitome of perfection when it comes to protecting and providing for his hens. He defends them from pesky Magpie attacks and dotingly calls his ladies over for the best food finds, always eating last after they are satisfied. If you’re a human the story is a little different, Bam Bam dedicates a large portion of the day attempting to end our existence and thoroughly enjoys doing so. His stealth moves have seen us fall victim to his precision attacks more times than we can count. We hold no ill will towards him for this and understand that he is just doing his best to uphold his Roosterly duties everyday.

Only a very small percentage of Roosters born are afforded their right to live past the first day of their birth, they are undervalued, underappreciated and so misunderstood.

Bam Bam is a very much loved family member despite the fact that he constantly keeps us n our toes.




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